Results of Easingwold Deanery Photo Competition

Judge: Martin Sheppard, the diocesan director of communications

Best photo of a church or churchyard:

Colin Merritt Crayke Churchyard Cross .jpeg  

Despite this version being on the small side, this is an intriguing photo that stands out amongst the many beautiful picture-postcard views entered (it's challenging to take an unattractive view of the churches at either Easingwold or Crayke). The colours are mellow and warm, and the interplay of the stone cross with its own shadow and that of the unseen one out of shot to the left is echoed by the hard horizontal and vertical lines of the building behind, giving a sense of depth. The natural lighting is challenging but the picture manages not to burn out the highlights or lose the shaded colour of the grass in the foreground. I could see this image as the backdrop to something prayerful, meditative.



Best photo of a church service:

Michael Wansborough Byland Abbey Service 2010 .jpeg

Although the picture is eight years old (nice to see John Harrison!) it shows a large number of worshippers in an eye-catching location. The sense of a crowd offsets the prominence of the empty chairs in the front row; they are doubtless empty for good reasons but it is slightly detrimental to the quality of the picture. The lusty singing gives an energy to the picture with the bonus that a lot of people are looking up. The picture is fairly uncluttered and well-framed (it gives the impression that the crowd extends further on both sides, whether or not this was the case) and the natural lighting has been kind. The overall effect is to suggest something special happening.