Crayke, St Cuthbert

Worship at St Cuthbert's: 

St Cuthbert serves the village of Crayke, and is part of the Byland Churches group. 

Please join us at for worship, news and resources.

We are now open for Private Prayer Sunday 1pm to 4pm & Thursday 9am to 1pm.  

We have strong links with our village school, Crayke Church of England Primary School.

Bulb Planting at St Cuthbert's, Crayke: 
I'm sure most of you know the amazing display of daffodils that appears every year on the hill at Crayke.  In 2017 a large group of people from the school, the church and the community joined together to help create a new area of beautiful flowers in the Saxon Burial Ground behind the churchyard.  People of all ages planted snowdrops, bluebells and fritillaries, as part of a project to develop this ground as a wild flower garden. 

It was great to see a partnership between church, village and school all caring for God's earth together.

You can visit St Cuthbert's on 

Safeguarding: Crayke Parish safeguarding representative is Ann Chappell who can be contacted on 01347 823711.

If you have any safeguarding concerns or issues on a safeguarding matter then you can find useful contact information at The Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor can be contacted on 01904 699524.

St Cuthbert : Church Hill, Crayke, North Yorkshire, YO61 4TA