Deanery Environment Group Advent tips: 21/12/2018

Advent 4

Recycling in the kitchen and on the BIG day!

If everyone in the UK was able to recycle just one more drinks can, it would save enough energy to power an electric train from Leeds to Brighton (and back) 6,000 times. 

Lots to go in our big blue lidded bins over Christmas!

  • Aluminium and steel cans

  • Biscuit and chocolate tins

  • Envelopes (and the Christmas cards in the New Year)

  • Plastic containers (try not to buy the black ones as they are not recyclable)

  • Plastic grocery bags – re-use or take back to the stores

  • Cereal and other food boxes.

  • Cereal box liners – re-use as sandwich bags etc

  • Foil and aluminium food trays (rinsed)

Plus in the blue box, glass bottles, cooking sauce jars, jam jars, glass roller ball deodorants, glass dessert ramekins

Glass & Plastic

Top festive recycling tips:

  1. Save space at home by dropping items at your local recycling centre

  2. Flatten cardboard boxes before recycling to save room in the recycling container.

  3. Remove ribbons, bows and other adornments before recycling wrapping paper.

  4. Remove all food from card and paper packaging before recycling.

  5. Do the scrunch test – if it scrunches it can be recycled; if it’s glittery it can’t; ribbons and bows cannot be recycled!

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