July - August 2019

July - Transport Tips 

1. Half the carbon cost of every car journey by car sharing. A medium car emits 360g of CO2 a mile whether it has one, two or more people in it. Join a car share club online and save up to £1000 a year.

2. If you are driving show love and respect to cyclists by improving your road behaviour. Their bike mile has a carbon footprint of 2g compared to your small car of 280g CO2e a mile.

3. Be loving to others by taking the train or coach when you can. It helps ease congestion by taking your car off the road and has half the carbon footprint of a small car (coach 80g and train 100g CO2e per person per mile).

4. If you are in your car show love and respect to pedestrians. Park on the road, not on their pavement - think pushchairs and disability scooters. Their walking mile has a carbon footprint of 1g compared to your small car of 280g CO2e a mile.

August - In Your Wardrobe 

1. All clothing and shoes have an environmental impact. Buy less, but longer lasting products if you can. A pair of shoes has an average carbon footprint of 11.5kg CO2e, and a pair of trousers 3kg CO2e.

2. Buy clothing that is easy to wash and dry. About half of the environmental impact of a garment’s life is the energy needed to wash it in your washing machine and tumble dryer. Don’t wash clothes too often – is it really dirty?!

3. Extend the life of your clothing and shoes by looking after them and mending. Wear them, use them, until they fall apart, then donate or recycle rather than binning old clothes and shoes.

4. Set yourself a clothing challenge. Can you replenish your wardrobe for a year from second hand shops? (You may wish to exclude underwear!)