March - April 2019

March - Lent Lament 

1. For each day of Lent pray of one thing in creation that you care about, for example birds in the garden, your favourite food, your car.  Thank God for it, lament if it is being damaged by human action or causing harm, and intercede for wisdom and Christ’s renewal.

2. Set aside time each week in Lent to go for a walk (or look out the window if you are not able) and actively appreciate Christ’s creation, remembering that we are wholly dependent on it for our survival.

3. Join a prayer group at church (or start one if you have to) and intercede for the renewal of creation, for example pray local eco projects, halting species extinction, slowing down climate change.

4. Join (or start) an eco-group in your church/town/village to be part of the renewal of Christ’s creation. Community environmental groups need the hope that Christian’s can bring.

5. Read the Easter story in one or all of the gospels.  Think how you and your church will join with the whole community of creation in celebrating the salvation, renewal and new birth that Jesus’ death and resurrection brings to all things. 

April - Money Magic

1. Spend less money! Just about every pound we spend has environmental costs (except investing in environmental projects). So with wealth comes more responsibility. 

2. Donate to charities that alleviate the effects of climate change, as well as being compassionate to our local, global and generational neighbours it can save you 500kg CO2e a year.

3. Move your bank account to an ethical bank who invests your money in low carbon, ethical, environmental projects, such as the Triodos Bank. Ethical Consumer (like Which?) provide independent advice

4. Move your pension, if you can, to an ethical environmental provider who is not investing your money in fossil fuels. Ethical Consumer (like Which?) provide independent advice