May - June 2019

May - Holiday Highlights 

1. Have a “staycation” or use public transport to travel abroad.  A return flight to Greece emits 1 tonne CO2e – your whole 2019 reduction target!

2. Think twice before you book a cruise: the environmental impact is greater than a flight with CO2e emissions of 640per person per mile.

3. If you are staying away choose your hotel carefully. Depending on the level of luxury, meat served, food wasted, energy wasted with excess heating etc your night could cost you 3 to 60kg CO2e per person per night.

4. Slow down and relax on: Drive at 60mph on the motorway and 50mph on main roads and save 10% on fuel and CO2e emissions. 

June - Share the Love 

1. Plan an event in your garden, or at your church, the local park or in the churchyard and invite your community to come and enjoy some outdoor fun in God’s creation.

2. Talk to a friend or family member this week about your concerns about an environmental issue.  Listen to what they think.  Share one thing you have done or want to do to try to be bring the good news for all creation.

3. Talk to your PCC about using the Eco Church scheme to help your church reduce its environmental impact (and get an award!).

4. Join the Climate Coalition Speak Up week to voice your concerns about our children’s futures, to our elected representatives.

5. Write to your local councillor or MP about a local or national eco issue. There are top tips on how at  Be polite, don’t make it about party politics and make sure you are not being a NYBY.