November - December 2019

November - Around the home

1. If in doubt switch to off: it is never more efficient to leave appliances running when you are not using them.  Make sure you switch everything off at the plug before you go out and before you go to bed.

2. Ensure your heating is switched off at night and when you are away from your home (except in sub-zero conditions) and save 500kg CO2e a year.  Don’t heat rooms you don’t use, turn the radiator off and close the door.

3. Read your meters monthly to check how much fuel you are using.  This kind of monitoring can save on your fuel bills and also up to 250kg CO2e a year, as you keep a closer eye on  your energy use.

4. Find out if you have any unfilled cavity walls and (if yes) have them filled.  This extra insulation can make a significant difference to the comfort of your home and save over 1 tonne of CO2e.

December - Christmas Crackers

1. Real trees have a much lower carbon footprint than artificial ones, especially if disposed of by wood-chipping.  An artificial tree would need to be reused for ten years to be comparable.

2. This Advent ponder on Jesus’ coming to be with us on earth.  How are we preparing His creation for Him to live with us here? Pray for grace and wisdom to play your part in caring for creation.

3. Watch your shopping trolley. In the UK our food spend increases by 16% in December, make sure you are not over catering and that extras are not going to end up in the bin.

4. Celebrate the joy of Jesus coming to be with us. Wonder at his incarnating, He embraced being human, vulnerable and very much part of the creation that He made to restore it all back into peace with God.

5. Calculate your carbon footprint for 2019 at Climate Stewards Did you make any reductions this year?
Take responsibility for your 2019 emissions by carbon offsetting.
Set a target for 2020.